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❤️ We Love Your IoT Stories❤️ – Smart Cities Contest

❤️ We Love Your IoT Stories❤️ – Smart Cities Contest

Dive into the “We Love Your IoT Stories” contest, a collaboration between Thinkz and The Smart City Journal, designed to drive smart city innovation through IoT. Learn how your city can leverage existing infrastructures for a sustainable, smarter future. Apply now and be a part of the urban transformation!

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Thinkz stands with humanity.

Oct 17, 2023

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As our nation faces attacks, our hearts go out to the hostages and the families of civilians and soldiers affected. In our endeavours at Thinkz, we aim to elevate the human experience. But the question arises: how can we improve human experiences when the essence of humanity is under duress?

Today, as we mourn the loss of countless lives, we refuse to lose faith in humanity’s innate goodness. Our commitment to creating a world where right decisions are made in real-time remains unwavering.

Continuing our work is not just about business—it’s our way to support, to heal, and to hope. Stand with Thinkz, stand with humanity.

Gady Vekslar, CEO of Thinkz

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