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Turning City Data into
Smart City Solutions

Leverage Your Existing IoT Infrastructure to Maximize Sustainability, Tourism, and Citizen Life.

Thinkz’s patent-pending technology uses AI to integrate a universal protocol system, enabling seamless connectivity among all IoT devices within a city.

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Transforming Smart Cities With Real-Time Information

Empowering Smart Cities with the Power of Real-Time, AI-Verified Data and Seamless Integration for Better Urban Experience.

Stay ahead, Upgrade to Real-Time!

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Discover our Real-Time Solutions for Smart Cities


Implement EcoMobility and Eco Behavior solutions to foster urban sustainability and promote eco-friendly actions among citizens.


  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15%.
  • Streamline waste collection and promote efficient resource use.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Improve public health by reducing pollution.
  • Qualify for sustainability grants and avoid environmental penalties.
  • Enhance the city’s green image and financial stability.




Enhance the tourist experience with real-time updates on attractions, events, and facilities to improve mobility and enjoyment.


  • Increase tourism revenue by up to 20%.
  • Extend visitors’ average stay.
  • Boost local businesses and economic uplift.
  • Generate positive reviews and repeat visits.
  • Create more jobs in the local economy.
  • Enhance the city’s reputation as a tourist destination.



Improve urban well-being by providing real-time updates that streamline city life and enhance daily experiences.


  • Reduce stress and city anxiety linked to planning and better organisation.
  • Provide a hassle-free urban experience with improved daily life organisation.
  • Promote healthier lifestyles and reduce pollution-related illnesses.
  • Reduce healthcare costs by up to 10%.
  • Save on healthcare expenses and improve productivity.
  • Increase property values.
  • Attract new residents and businesses.
  • Contribute to overall economic growth and improved public satisfaction.

Thinkz Eliminates the Unknowns of Urban Life

City life becomes easier, more practical, and eco-friendly

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Last Events and Article

Follow the team in our last Events, Conferences, Workshops, or Shark tanks across Europe. Discover our last reflexion about the smart cities of tomorrow.

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Real-time Solutions that had Transformed Smart Cities

Thinkz that Partners said About us

Upgrading Portfolios Thanks to the Power of Real-Time

Dinycon logo Thinkz partner IoT

The advent of AI in the field of smart mobility and cities couldn’t go without a powerful intelligent GIS platform such as Thinkz.

Yann Bussard

Managing Director Madrid and LATAM at Dinycon Sistemas

Our partnership with Thinkz significantly enhances our market offerings. Together, we provide a comprehensive Real-Time solution for cities, increasing the value and impact of our services and boosting our sales portfolio.

Africa Arevalo Gomez

Data Space Sales Leader at Libelium

Illiwap logo Thinkz partner IoT

Partnering with Thinkz allows us to introduce a new level of real-time services to our existing clients. This collaboration enables cities to offer enhanced services to their citizens and achieve superior management efficiency.

Raphaëlle REYMOND

Commercial Director of Illiwap France and Spain

Thinkz about our Technology


Universal IoT Protocol

Seamless Data Integration: Our Universal IoT Protocol Collector seamlessly gathers data from multiple IoT sources without the need for additional coding. This ensures comprehensive and accurate information, streamlining urban data management.

LDV Live Data Verification Thinkz IoT Live Data Verification


Live Data Verification

AI-Powered Data Quality: Live Data Verification (LDV) Technology sets Thinkz apart by using AI to verify the quality of IoT-derived real-time information. This patented pending technology guarantees reliable and precise data for informed decision-making.


AI-Validated Information

Reliable Real-Time Insights: By leveraging artificial intelligence, Thinkz ensures that the data provided is not only real-time but also accurate and reliable. This AI-validated information empowers cities with trustworthy insights to optimize urban management.

Thinkz Short term perdiction IoT


Short-Term Prediction

Future-Ready Planning: Thinkz AI Machine learning technologies utilize real-time information for better short-term planning. This enables cities to anticipate trends and make proactive decisions, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

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Let’s co-create the next use case.

At Thinkz, we believe that the best ideas often emerge from practical and concrete situations.

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