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Enabling Real-Time Presence through the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is everywhere! Because raw IoT data has no practical value, Thinkz is building a network of real-time IoTs data, to provide instantly accurate verified information to vehicles, apps, autonomous machines and people.

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Smart Cities
Connecting IoTs in Smart Cities, Reshaping the Urban Experience.

Maximising the power of IoT to deliver Responsive, Livable Data Exchange, which transforms smart cities into intelligent cities.

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Maximizing Value from Existing
IoT Infrastructure

Thinkz invigorates IoT integrators by transforming their existing networks into powerful real-time data systems, while also providing the unique opportunity to extend their work through our interactive map application. This approach not only amplifies the value of their existing services but also paves the way for new possibilities.

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Connect with the power of real-time verified information.

At Thinkz, we take the authenticity and security of real-time information seriously. That’s why we’ve developed Live Data Verification (LDV) Live Data Verification (LDV), is a patent-pending technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to authenticate all incoming data. This ensures that the Real-Time data is constantly verified, protecting against the risk of fake data.


Thinkz commits to privacy and cybersecurity.

With our Live Data Verification (LDV) technology, third parties can access data without compromising the source of the information. LDV is GDPR-compliant and can detect fake data, providing the utmost protection for real-time IoT data. This innovative technology ensures that all parties can access the information they need while maintaining the privacy and security of the data.

Thinkz we did

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Empowering the Railway Industry with Real-Time IoT Data in Firenze, Italy, from 7-8 June 2023

Thinkz, a trailblazer in AI and IoT solutions, is ready to leave its mark on the railway industry at the upcoming ACCELERATION EVENT in Firenze, Italy. Moshe Gazit, our Business Development Director, will be discussing the revolutionary potential of transforming IoT data into Real-Time, AI-validated information.