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Smart Cities – Revolutionize Urban Living with Real-Time IoT Data Power

Exploit real-time IoT potential to foster Dynamic, Livable Data Interaction, turning smart cities into truly intelligent ones.

  Thinkz’s revolutionary, patent-pending technology leverages AI to verify information and ensure live connectivity among diverse IoTs. This creates an adaptive, unified, real-time network of all Things.

Thinkz we do for smart cities

Unleash the Full Potential of Your City by entering into the 1st global IoT real-time network.

Our innovative multi-layer real-time technology, based on IoTs that communicate with each other, elevates your city to the next level.


 Public transportation: IoT-based transportation solutions can help smart cities optimize their public transportation systems, reduce congestion, and improve the overa

Parking lots: Smart parking solutions use IoT sensors and real-time data to optimize parking space utilization, reduce congestion, and improve traffic flow in urban areas.

EV charger: IoT-enabled electric vehicle (EV) charging stations offer convenient and efficient charging services for EV owners, helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.


Environmental Monitoring:
IoT sensors and data analytics can help cities monitor and manage their natural resources, such as water, forests, and wildlife, promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.

Air quality: IoT-based air quality monitoring systems can help smart cities detect, monitor, and improve air pollution levels, leading to healthier and safer environments for citizens.

Temperature water/air/pools: Smart temperature monitoring systems can help to optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of a city's heating and cooling systems.

Noise detection: IoT-based noise detection systems can help smart cities detect and address noise pollution, creating quieter and more livable urban environments for citizens.

Automatic irrigation: Smart irrigation systems use IoT sensors and data to optimize water usage, conserve resources, and maintain healthy green spaces in urban areas.

Smart Lighting: IoT-based smart lighting solutions can help to reduce energy consumption, enhance public safety, and improve the overall aesthetic of a city's streets and public spaces.

Smart Waste: IoT-based smart waste management systems can help to optimize waste collection and disposal, reduce landfill waste, and promote sustainable urban development.


Crowdedness: Smart cities can use IoT-based crowd monitoring systems to manage and optimize public spaces, improve public safety, and enhance the overall urban experience for citizens.

Smart Snow removal: Smart cities can use IoT-enabled snow removal systems to optimize their winter maintenance operations, reduce costs, and improve safety for citizens.

Open now: Smart city apps and websites can use real-time data to show which businesses, public spaces, and amenities are currently open and available for use, helping to enhance the overall urban experience for citizens.

Thinkz is Digital Twins

Elevate Your City with Digital Twins and IoT Collaboration

Imagine for a moment that you possessed a digital twin of your city. It showed every corner shop and big-box store, every skyscraper and home, every electric station and railroad crossing. Now imagine that you collected data from all these IoT sources, but had no way of integrating that data or making sense of the big picture.

Empowers Digital Twin Projects with Real-Time Environmental Data.

Thinkz provides real-time information to Digital Twin environments, creating multi-layered real-time connections between IoT devices, revolutionizing the mobility experience.

Thinkz we did

Real-time Solutions that had Transformed Smart Cities

We improve the new urban experience

Just Thinkz of the Unlimited Benefits for the City

Improving Efficiency:

IoT technology can help cities streamline processes and optimize resource usage, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Enhancing Public Safety:

Real-time data collected through IoT sensors can help cities identify and respond to safety threats quickly, reducing crime rates, and improving public safety.

Optimizing Traffic Management:

IoT sensors can monitor traffic flow and provide real-time data to traffic management systems, enabling them to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve travel times.

Enhancing Public Services:

IoT technology can help cities offer better public services, such as healthcare, public transportation, and education, leading to improved quality of life for citizens.

Promoting Sustainability:

IoT technology can help cities promote sustainable practices, such as reducing energy consumption, conserving water, and reducing waste.

Improving Citizen Engagement:

IoT technology can help cities engage with citizens and involve them in decision-making processes, leading to improved trust and cooperation.

Enhancing Data Analytics:

IoT technology can provide vast amounts of real-time data, enabling cities to analyze and extract insights, which can help improve decision-making and planning.

Boosting Economic Growth:

IoT technology can help cities attract businesses, investors, and talent by offering an efficient, innovative, and sustainable environment for growth.

Enabling Personalized Services:

IoT technology can enable cities to offer personalized services, such as smart parking, personalized transportation, and customized healthcare, leading to higher citizen satisfaction and loyalty.

Thinkz about our Technology


Universal IoT Protocol

Seamless Data Integration: Our Universal IoT Protocol Collector seamlessly gathers data from multiple IoT sources without the need for additional coding. This ensures comprehensive and accurate information, streamlining urban data management.

LDV Live Data Verification Thinkz IoT Live Data Verification


Live Data Verification

AI-Powered Data Quality: Live Data Verification (LDV) Technology sets Thinkz apart by using AI to verify the quality of IoT-derived real-time information. This patented pending technology guarantees reliable and precise data for informed decision-making.


AI-Validated Information

Reliable Real-Time Insights: By leveraging artificial intelligence, Thinkz ensures that the data provided is not only real-time but also accurate and reliable. This AI-validated information empowers cities with trustworthy insights to optimize urban management.

Thinkz Short term perdiction IoT


Short-Term Prediction

Future-Ready Planning: Thinkz AI Machine learning technologies utilize real-time information for better short-term planning. This enables cities to anticipate trends and make proactive decisions, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Thinkz together

Let’s co-create the next use case.

At Thinkz, we believe that the best ideas often emerge from practical and concrete situations.

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