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Overcoming Urban Challenges

Overcoming Urban Challenges

In today’s world, cities rely increasingly on vast amounts of data to manage and enhance urban living. From traffic management and public safety to environmental monitoring and energy consumption, data forms the backbone of modern urban infrastructure. However, this dependency on data also presents significant challenges. For companies like Thinkz, addressing these challenges is crucial for successfully implementing smart city solutions.

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Thinkz Dives into the ‘Urban Shark Tank’ at the Urban Future Conference 2023

Jun 19, 2023

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In an era where rapid urbanization and technology are intertwined, the race to create sustainable, smart cities is more important than ever. As a frontrunner in IoT and AI innovation, Thinkz is excited to announce our participation in the ‘Urban Shark Tank’ at the Urban Future Conference 2023 in Stuttgart on June 22, 2023. Representing Thinkz, our Business Development Director, Moshe Gazit, will pitch our pioneering urban projects to a panel of experts in urban innovation.

The Urban Future Conference 2023, known for being Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities, is a pivotal platform for experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are dedicated to making cities sustainable. It fosters an environment where thousands of CityChangers from all over the world come together to share their transformative ideas, learn from their mistakes, and propel the evolution of our cities.

Entering the ‘Urban Shark Tank,’ Thinkz will be pitching to a diverse group of ‘sharks’ made up of experts in the field of urban innovation. The goal is to showcase the replicability and scalability of our projects, emphasizing their potential to make a significant impact on cities worldwide.

At Thinkz, we are transforming IoT data into Real-Time AI-verified information, helping smart cities, local businesses, and mobility providers create a REAL-TIME presence. We are building the world’s first global real-time IoT network, empowered by our unique patent-pending AI technology, Live Data Verification (LDV). LDV validates diverse IoT data across multiple protocols, leveraging a blend of supervised machine learning algorithms and rule-based processing to detect anomalies and errors in data streams. With LDV, we proactively flag these issues, saving organizations significant time and resources while ensuring the data accuracy and quality of their IoT devices.

Participating in the ‘Urban Shark Tank’ gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the transformative power of our LDV technology and its role in reshaping the urban future. Thinkz aims to empower cities by connecting their IoT devices to a global real-time network, thereby improving human experiences within urban environments.

We’re looking forward to sharing ideas with distinguished panelists such as Alexander Schmidt, Founder & CEO of BABLE Smart Cities, Leonor Zubillaga, Project Manager at Cleantech Scandinavia, and many more. This dialogue will provide us with valuable insights on how to scale and replicate successful projects across cities globally.

In the spirit of the ‘Urban Shark Tank,’ we invite all CityChangers, urban visionaries, and curious minds to join us at the Urban Future conference. Your votes and inputs can help scale and replicate innovative projects like ours in cities around the world. Let’s dive into the future of sustainable urban living together, contributing to the transformation of our cities into smart, sustainable spaces.

For those who are eager to contribute to the evolution of smart cities, the Urban Future conference is an unmissable event. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness first-hand the creativity and ingenuity of urban visionaries like Thinkz.

Stay tuned for more updates from Thinkz as we continue to innovate, transform, and redefine the future of urban living.

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