Redefining Passenger Experience with Real-Time information.

As we approach the Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024 in Paris. The buzz around sustainable and intelligent urban mobility solutions is louder than ever. During this technological revolution stands Thinkz, a beacon of innovation with its IoT-based technology. We aimed to transform the urban mobility landscape. But this year, Thinkz is focusing on an aspect that is the heart and soul of urban transit: the passenger experience.

Empowering Passengers with Instantaneous, Actionable Information

At Thinkz, our mission is to seamlessly intertwine the lives of passengers with the fabric of urban mobility. Indeed, ensure that trains, the stalwarts of urban transit, are more than just vehicles. They are conduits connecting people with their surroundings in real time. Imagine stepping into a world where every decision, from leaving your doorstep to reaching your destination, is informed and empowered by real-time data.

At the Core of Our Vision: Unparalleled Passenger Insights

Our presence at the Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024, at booth S46, is not just an exhibition. It’s a window into the future of passenger empowerment. Here’s a glimpse of what real-time data can bring to your journey:

  • Journey to the Station: Receive updates in real-time on your train’s location and estimated time of arrival (ETA), complemented by current information on parking spaces for cars and bikes, availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, and micro-mobility choices like scooters and bicycles to facilitate your commute to the station.
  • Within and Surrounding the Train Station: Effortlessly move through the station’s activity with live updates on crowd density, operational status of nearby shops, and exclusive, real-time offers to enhance your passage. Stay abreast of the surroundings with continuous updates, ensuring a more enjoyable experience at each juncture.
  • Streamlining Your Wait: Avoid waiting lines with live information on ticket dispenser availability, monitor the fill levels of bins and vending machines for an uninterrupted experience. Be informed about the offerings of shops, eateries, and the environmental quality, enhancing comfort as you wait.
  • Platform and Train Experience: Access real-time data on how crowded the platform or train is to secure an optimal spot. Be informed about available recycling facilities, restroom cleanliness, and occupancy rates, contributing to a more eco-friendly and pleasant travel experience.
  • Expanding the Experience Beyond the Journey: Stay updated with live information on points of interest nearby, snow-free pathways, and the prevailing outdoor lighting conditions, aiming to elevate your travel experience well beyond your arrival at the destination.

The Right Information, At the Right Time, In the Right Place, Right Now”

Our vision at Thinkz is to provide every passenger with the ability to make informed decisions instantly. It’s about creating a seamless connection between trains, passengers, and the ecosystem, ensuring that information flows freely and accurately, empowering passengers to navigate their urban environments effortlessly.

Join Us at the Forefront of Urban Mobility Innovation

As we unveil our latest advancements in real-time mobility solutions at the Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024, we invite you to experience how Thinkz is redefining urban transit. Our commitment to enhancing passenger experiences through real-time data is just a preview of the potential that IoT technology holds for the future of urban mobility.

Discover the future of empowered urban transit with us at booth S46. Together, let’s navigate the path to smarter, more connected, and sustainable urban environments, where every decision is informed, and every journey is seamless.

Thinkz: Where Innovation Meets Urban Mobility. Empowering passengers, right now, right here, in real-time.

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