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As an innovation specialist, you know that your city is fantastic.

You’ve got beautiful buildings, world-class museums, an expansive waterfront, and friendly, forward-thinking residents.

But tourism is a competitive business, and during a public protest last summer, your city largely shut down temporarily, creating havoc for tourists that led to bad reviews online.

So how do you convince tourists that your city truly shines?

Thinkz smart city tourism.

Tourists want to enjoy their vacation, spend their time wisely, and visit all the most important sites. Thinkz enables a friction-free trip by displaying all the city’s resources in one live, updated map of restaurants, shops, museums, parking lots, bike rental locations, and parking facilities.

A main street is closed due to a parade? No problem, Thinkz’ map is updated to provide alternate travel routes. A tourist wants to take a bike ride along the ocean? Thinkz has that covered, with locations of bike rental shops, as well as opening hours, prices, and inventory.

It’s all part of transforming your city into a Livable Destination, places that are robust, accessible, and diverse, with resilient local economies and vibrant public spaces. A Livable City is committed to providing outstanding transportation options, respects open spaces, and supports grassroots initiatives.

Thinkz has also created something we call Happy Zones! These are places your city specifically wants to promote for tourism, enriching local businesses in a win-win scenario.

Transforming your city into a smart destination isn’t as daunting as it sounds. You probably already have all the tools and resources in place.

Now, just let Thinkz bring out their full potential with a new level of connectivity and convenience.

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