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Thinkz Real-Time
Mobility with IoT Data

Driving is Real-Time Endeavor

  Thinkz Provides AI-Verified, Real-Time Information on the Vehicle’s Surroundings Directly to the Vehicle, Api, Autonomous machines, drivers, passengers…

We are supporting the transition between drivers & autonomous vehicles by leveraging the power of real-time IoT data.


Gady Vekslar
Chief Executive Officer

Thinkz about the vehicles surrounding

Real-Time information for Real-Time decision making.

With Thinkz’s groundbreaking technology, real-time data about your immediate surroundings becomes instantly accessible. Our system encapsulates various facets of urban mobility within layers of services. These include the Real-Time status of traffic, micro-mobility, public transportation, eco-friendly routes, availability of parking spaces, and the readiness of EV chargers.

But we go beyond just mobility. Thinkz brings your city to life, providing instant information about the status of shops, supermarkets, public buildings, and even private establishments like sports clubs. With Thinkz, every moment is an opportunity to make informed decisions based on what’s available to you, right here, right now.

Discover Thinkz’ Real-Time IoT Multi-Layer Map

Connected cities Empowered Citizens & Businesses:

Making Informed Decision in Real-Time

Leveraging a pioneering approach, Thinkz creates an interconnected network of IoT devices that communicate seamlessly in real-time. Our disruptive technology presents crucial real-time data within an innovative multi-layered map, accessible on both mobile and desktop for users on the go or at work.

Explore the multiple layers of urban mobility services, encompassing traffic updates, micro-mobility options, eco-friendly routes, parking availability, and EV charger status. With Thinkz, experience a city that communicates with you, making your journey efficient and informed.

Thinkz that are challenging The Real-Time Mobility

Data Privacy and Security


Digital mobility deeply hinges on data collection and analysis, hence safeguarding users’ data privacy and security becomes a significant hurdle. Implementing stringent security measures to guard against data breaches and misuse is essential.

Our Approach:

At Thinkz, we don’t aggregate or store data. All data remains securely on the client’s server. This process is of paramount importance as it reduces the risk of hacking and fortifies the system against cyber threats.



IoT systems often involve a variety of devices from different manufacturers, each using different protocols and standards. The lack of interoperability can be a barrier to effectively utilizing real-time IoT data.

Our Approach:

Thanks to Thinkz’s patent-pending LDV technology, we enable all types of IoT devices to communicate with each other, creating more real-time information. This paves the way for a comprehensive overview and enhances the primary value of IoT data in real-time.



The deployment of digital mobility solutions often necessitates significant infrastructure alterations. As smart cities rise, the integration of IoT devices into urban infrastructure is expanding at a rapid pace.

Our Approach:

With 16.4 billion connected devices worldwide and an expected 30 billion by 2030 (source: Statistica), the IoT is producing massive amounts of data that can optimize mobility. We primarily work with existing networks, both private and public, to leverage this data for enhanced mobility solutions.

Adoption & Public Perception


Public perception and user adoption present notable obstacles. Demonstrating the benefits of digital mobility solutions and gaining public trust are crucial, as these technologies often involve significant changes to established routines and practices.

Our Approach:

At Thinkz, we focus on delivering intuitive, user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate into daily routines. By highlighting the immediate benefits, such as improved efficiency, real-time information, and enhanced convenience, we strive to accelerate user adoption and foster a positive public perception of digital mobility transformations.

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