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It’s only sensible
to connect the dots

Imagine a world in which all the objects around you communicate with one another, speaking a common language that transcends vendors, platforms and domains.

A new world that eliminates all the barriers between IoT devices and creates a new reality of inter-connectivity, cooperation and convenience.

Thinkz is an IoT operations platform that creates an optimized human experience by providing to the people unparalleled, centralized, on-demand access to the city’s assets.

We are transforming the IoT data that already exist in your smart city into accessible and useful information for your residents, visitors and business owners.

Thinkz empowers a new smart city connectivity, delivering the promise of tomorrow’s Smart City… today.

You’re a Smart City leader who wants to:

  • Upgrade residents’ quality of life

  • Integrate IoT in your smart city

  • Place your city at the forefront of the smart revolution

Here’s how Thinkz can help:

We’ve developed the ultimate Smart City Solution. A global data network that can eliminate barriers between IoTs, solve platform fragmentation, and open a new form of data integration.

We are LDV.
Wait, what's LDV?

It’s a patented ThinkZ innovation called Live Data Verification, and it is a game-changer.

We’ve built 10 different AI models to continuously debug the data, we search for anomalies in that data to accomplish two goals:

  • Predicting data from trained AI modules

  • Integrating current data with real-time, unexpected external influences


Thinkz verifies and validates every
piece of data that enters the system

How do we do it? Download our ebook to read more

The power of collaboration

Imagine for a moment that you possessed a digital twin of your city. It showed every corner shop and big-box store, every skyscraper and home, every electric station and railroad crossing. Now imagine that you collected data from all these IoT sources, but had no way of integrating that data or making sense of the big picture.

That’s the space where Thinkz operates.


We are empowering IoT devices to communicate

What does that mean? Download our ebook to read more

How to Get Started

We offer seamless onboarding via a simple process we call Zero Touch

There is no program to download, no training on a new platform, no need for a tech consultant, and no need to integrate code. Instead, Thinkz provides a user-friendly application programming interface (API) - just like a dashboard or an app - which allows the city to present an overview of all the data in a new, centralized, innovative map.

Your Privacy Protected

To be clear, we are not data aggregators: All your data stays within your system. Further, we don’t collect or store data from end users and IOT devices.

We’re talking about a smart city in the full sense of the term, a place where transportation, housing, health, and entertainment venues are meshed together to create a harmonious whole of functionality and opportunity.

A New Urban Experience —
a New Human Experience

Yes, it’s technology you’ve only seen in a blockbuster sci-fi movie, but at Thinkz, we’ve made it available now.

Just imagine the possibilities of a new world powered by validated, real-time information, shaping a digital universe that allows city residents to live healthier, safer and more productive lives.

We also understand our vital role in protecting personal information. That’s why the API link comes with a security key that allows IT Managers access to one secure, GDPR-compliant port. It’s data-in, data-out with no middleman.

It’s time to connect to the future. Today.