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❤️ We Love Your IoT Stories❤️ – Smart Cities Contest

❤️ We Love Your IoT Stories❤️ – Smart Cities Contest

Dive into the “We Love Your IoT Stories” contest, a collaboration between Thinkz and The Smart City Journal, designed to drive smart city innovation through IoT. Learn how your city can leverage existing infrastructures for a sustainable, smarter future. Apply now and be a part of the urban transformation!

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Embracing the Future of IoT AI and Real-Time at LesBigBoss

Dec 10, 2023

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The world of technology is constantly evolving, and at Thinkz, we are always at the forefront of this change. This year, we had the pleasure of participating in the LesBigBoss Winter Edition 2023 in Tignes, a melting pot of digital innovation, networking, and business growth. This gathering of tech aficionados was an ideal platform for Thinkz to showcase our expertise in IoT, AI, and Real-Time Data technology.

A Hub of Opportunities

Our team engaged in over 60 official meetings with key decision-makers. These interactions opened avenues for potential collaborations and innovations, solidifying Thinkz’s position in the digital ecosystem. We explored opportunities for IoT implementation in various sectors, discussed AI advancements, and delved into the ever-evolving realm of real-time data processing.

Insightful Workshop: The Triptych of Tech Evolution

A highlight of our participation was the workshop on IoT, AI, and Real-Time technology. We shared our unique perspective on how these technologies are revolutionizing industries, from retail to mobility, and the implications for future urban development. Our insights sparked engaging discussions, establishing Thinkz as a thought leader in this triptych of tech evolution.

IoT, IA & Temps réel 
Un triptyque disruptif

The Thinkz workshop at the LesBigBoss Winter Edition 2023 featured a presentation on “IoT, AI & Real-Time: A Disruptive Triptyque.” The workshop highlighted how this synergy revolutionizes retail, HORECA, and urban mobility for a revolutionary customer experience. It included interviews with Ignasi Gomez Belinchon from IN-MOVE by Railgrup, focusing on sustainable mobility and multimodal logistics, and Michael Gross, from S-HUB. The presentation showcased Thinkz’s real-time IoT data utilization in various scenarios, including public transportation and retail, emphasizing the creation of a real-time IoT network and the implementation of Thinkz’s solutions in these domains.

Thinkz_FR_workshop_Bigboss by THINKZ

Networking and inspirations

Indeed, how can you not be inspired? Besides formal meetings, we had countless enriching interactions with partners and decision-makers. These conversations, held in the inspiring environment of Tignes, were pivotal in understanding the current market needs and how Thinkz can offer solutions.

Celebrating Digital Excellence : Awards ceremony LesBigBoss Winter edition 2024

Participation in the awards ceremony was another momentous aspect of the event. It was an opportunity to celebrate achievements in the real-time field and recognize the innovative efforts of industry peers. Thinkz’s presence at this ceremony underlined our commitment to excellence and innovation in the real-time and digital space.

In the Press

Our innovative approaches also captured the attention of the media, with Thinkz featuring in Les BigBoss magazine. This exposure highlighted our role in shaping the future of technology and our efforts in making cities smarter and businesses more efficient through real-time data solutions.

Looking Forward

Our experience at LesBigBoss Winter Edition 2023 was not just about showcasing our capabilities but also about learning and evolving. We are excited about the possibilities that these new connections and insights bring. As we look forward to LesBigBoss 2024, Thinkz is more committed than ever to driving innovation and excellence in IoT, AI, and Real-Time data technology.

Experience the future of technology with Thinkz. Visit our website at to explore how our solutions can transform your business and city life.

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