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Singapore is the fifth most-visited city in the world, and it’s no accident that it also ranks among the safest.

News stories of skyrocketing murder rates, burglaries, and general lawlessness do not endear potential residents or tourists to a city. In fact, after employment opportunities, cost of living, and suitability, crime ranks as the most important factor when deciding where to live and visit.

It’s important for city managers and elected officials to create a municipality where all the residents feel safe. A great place to start is providing city-dwellers with current and actionable information on crime.

But no city does that. How is that even possible? There is a way, and Thinkz makes it happen.

We can help you ensure smart city safety and security by creating a harmonious web of your already-existing IoT devices that better utilize your city’s security cameras and police department updates to monitor potential problem areas.

Let’s say that your city already deploys street cameras and public safety alerts, while updating city residents about thefts or criminal activities. That’s a great start. But what if there’s a large demonstration downtown and residents are searching for a way to get to work? If the various aspects of your security system don’t communicate with one another, you are not addressing a key smart city security challenge.

Smart city security starts with the integration of IOT devices and real-time reporting on the ground. Thinkz technology then combs that data for anomalies to give police and city officials a full picture of citywide crime. On the local level, our system can also track broken security cameras, lights, and burglaries to help the entire community feel safe and its residents happy.

Let us help you keep your residents safe.

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