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Big concert

There’s a big concert in your city!

A famous artist is coming to town and you can feel the buzz; the radio stations are all talking about the show, the mayor plans to attend, and the venue is sold out.

There’s just one problem: the stadium is downtown, the concert takes place shortly after rush hour ends, and the Metro stop near the venue is under construction.

But as much as ticket holders would like to attend, many are actually considering staying home rather than battling traffic and worrying about arriving unscathed.

Thinkz has the solution.

Imagine that your metropolis, Smartville, possesses a Smart Event Planning technology that manages all your city’s private and public networks, one that anticipates traffic jams, directs residents to open parking spaces, and even maps construction.

What if, at the click of a button, wary concert-goers could see that traffic is flowing smoothly, people are walking to the venue without concern, and the night promises to be the thrill of a lifetime that they anticipated?

That’s the world that Thinkz is creating.

Cities that embrace Thinkz’s value data network will be capable of creating Smart Events through the integration of IoT sensors, cameras, computers and robots. Residents of Thinkz-powered cities will enjoy an enhanced quality of life, a greater sense of freedom, and be on the cutting edge of the smart city revolution.

We invite you to rock n’ roll with Thinkz.

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