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The Power of Real-Time Data

Transforming IoTs Data into Real-Time AI validated information for

Smart Cities

Thinkz we do


Empowering Smart Cities With Real-Time Information to Enhance Urban Life

Thinkz harnesses Real-Time IoT data to help smart cities optimize sustainability, improve mobility, and enhance the quality of life for their citizens.

Stay ahead! Upgrade to Real-Time and Lead the way.

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We serve a better Human experience.


Adopt EcoMobility and Eco Behavior to elevate urban sustainability and encourage environmentally responsible actions among citizens.


Elevate the tourist experience, by providing real-time information to enhance mobility and enjoyment for every visitor.


Enhance urban well-being by providing seamless updates that optimize city life for improved daily experiences.

Thinkz as a partner

Adding Value to Existing
IoT Infrastructure

Thinkz invigorates IoT integrators by transforming their existing networks into powerful real-time data systems, while also providing the unique opportunity to extend their work through our interactive map application. This approach not only amplifies the value of their existing services but also paves the way for new possibilities.

Make more data from the data!

Thinkz about our technology


Connect with the power of real-time verified information.

At Thinkz, we take the authenticity and security of real-time information seriously. That’s why we’ve developed Live Data Verification (LDV) Live Data Verification (LDV), is a patent-pending technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to authenticate all incoming data. This ensures that the Real-Time data is constantly verified, protecting against the risk of fake data.


Thinkz commits to privacy and cybersecurity.

With our Live Data Verification (LDV) technology, third parties can access data without compromising the source of the information. LDV is GDPR-compliant and can detect fake data, providing the utmost protection for real-time IoT data. This innovative technology ensures that all parties can access the information they need while maintaining the privacy and security of the data.

Thinkz we did

Use cases that are already leveraging
the Power of Real-Time Data

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Let’s co-create the next use case.

At Thinkz, we believe that the best ideas often emerge from practical and concrete situations.

Get a meeting with Iot Experts 
Design a customized digital twins solution based on your IoTs
Integrate your IoTs into the global Real-Time Network 
Produce add value and get intelligent real-time information 
Take better decisions based on verified data
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