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Streamline the Everyday of Urban Life

As a Smart City Manager, you strive to create a harmonious hub where citizens can live in a healthy, secure, productive environment. Your residents trust you to ensure that the city streets and public areas are both safe and convenient; their quality of life and feeling of personal security depends on activating all city resources to serve them in real-time. At Thinkz, we enable that pursuit through what we call a Responsive, Livable Data Exchange.

What if all the information from all the city’s public and private networks was autonomously integrated?

We’re talking about data from public transportation paired with information from restaurants, health facilities, and public spaces. Imagine a world where a you could orchestrate the best life, on the best terms, for all the city’s residents.

That’s Thinkz’s vision.


Empower Local Entrepreneurs,
Positioning Them for Expansion

What kind of dynamic entrepreneur wouldn’t want to found and grow their business in a city where metro officials truly partner with them to earn and expand?

In today’s commerce-based landscape, offering innovation is the key to consistent growth. What better way to attract startup visionaries than by creating a public incubator for smart technology - one that supports the local economy through data sharing and creates a secure environment in which businesses can differentiate themselves and therefore thrive?

For example, if a quaint comic book shop in your city is fighting for market share with the giant book store in the next town (or an online retailer), you can position every potential comic purchaser to realize that there is parking available (right now! Verified!) within 50 meters of the store in your area, thereby making it more accessible and encouraging shoppers to visit.

Because Thinkz powers optimal usage of the city’s assets in real-time, it creates new opportunities for business owners in a Smart City, positioning them for elevated exposure and earnings, expansion, better visibility and differentiation. A real-time, verified view of car charging stations, available transportation, air quality and parking accessibility empowers business owners to succeed.


Make Travel to Your Smart City
a Seamless Experience

Everyone wants to live in a Smart City, and tourists want to visit that city, too. Let’s say your location offers a beautiful beachfront, and a resident of a land-locked small town wants to come to breathe the ocean air? Wouldn’t your beach be more attractive if that tourist could check the water temperature, traffic conditions, hotel availability, and entertainment options with one click?

That’s the world Thinkz is creating. Visitors will be able to visit a comprehensive, online hub where they can plan their entire adventure, factoring in current conditions and planned, future events. That gives travelers both peace of mind as well as a sense of security that their journey will meet all their expectations. That kind of positive experience also lends itself to word-of-mouth marketing, increasing your city’s tourist revenues and placing it on the must-see list for world travelers.

Just Thinkz
of the unlimited

  • Government/

    Improve the citizens’ quality of life and trustful attitude through better service and transparency

  • Automotive

    Enable a smooth commute experience by cutting down on things that would frustrate the drivers or put their lives in danger

  • Environment

    Impact and save the environment by monitoring its daily changes

  • Security

    Notifications about thefts and criminal incidents to neighbors and law enforcement

  • Personal

    Create safer communities and gain the trust of the neighborhood due to malfunction alerts on construction sites, public transport, factories, etc.

  • Public

    Alarms and notifications from the military, police and rescue forces to the whole population and back

  • Service

    Prompt notifications about electricity, water, communication outages

  • Resource

    Improve the utilization of the city resources (car charging stations, parking lots, personal transportation rent) by knowing their occupancy ahead of time